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August 6, 2015

We just need to create that mindset of love to be able to see opportunities that abound in agreeing to agree to have development,so that peace can reign in our environment.

Why do people rage and follow different paths? Simple study will conclude that there is no love for one another,love covered multitude of errors,mistakes and guilt, but when this is missing, we will have the problem of individuals working to undermine one and another.

Today,everywhere all over the world we see sudden and untimely deaths of innocent souls because somebody is showing deep hatred for another fellow human being,and exhibiting God, when in the real sense of human nature, we are all the same – carrying blood, water,bones and what have you in our system,why then would any mortal consider others as inferior to be only good for the dustbin?

When you show me some form of love in your heart, then we will definitely reason together,sit together,take decision together, and all of us will be happy,trust ourselves,make progress because there is peace, otherwise, chaos will envelope everywhere.

It is only our unity that will provoke peace, and peace will provoke what can bring about an understanding needed for development and progress.



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