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Why do you allow Conflicts?

July 2, 2015

When two or more people converge in a place for sometimes, whether they have a plan/purpose to do so or not, there is tendency for divergent opinions which may arise due to differences in their background, environment, religion and such things.

Thanks be to God that we are not living in  a world without history,to every situation, there is a precedence and pattern to follow,but people will just chose to do anything that give them pleasure not with any concern for others’ feelings.

Where as, their lies the beginning of deep resentment to exhibition of selfishness that may grow to serious conflicts.This is even an opportunity to demonstrate what we can do with all knowledge that God has endowed man, to practice what we have read and known in human history – the pattern is already in place but do we care to choose, and apply what is applicable to that prevalent situation/s before they get out of hand?

I see conflict as part of what man has to grapple with in the world – be it in the home front,or at any other place, so, let us learn from history, and we will discover that it is still possible to handle conflicts of any nature, manage it, and allow peace and development that we all need today.


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  1. Its a matter of conscious and determined effort to create environment devoid of chaos.

  2. Lofta Pat permalink

    This is a complex world that must be carefully handled.

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