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Make money using facebook, twitter


It is still possible to make money using facebook, twitter, and that means even without a website or blog you can do something for yourself right now.
There are lot of options for you now a days, but this piece might just be the right one you have been waiting for, so don’t waist any time again, make an effort to overcome your dependence on family members and friends for stipends, be prepared and plan for success because you are created for success, and you will succeed.
A journey of a thousand miles start with the first step, so here you are, take a bold step today to succeed, make money using facebook,twitter, take the bull by the horn and follow this simple steps:
FACEBOOK – You will need a facebook account, so, why not head to and sign up with facebook today with your email or phone number
TWITTER – also sign up with twitter and link both profile together.

Then make sure that you read the information below and understand it well, after that just make sure all the needful are done as is requested, follow it up diligently and I can assure you that you will make money using facebook, twitter.

You are only urged to do as required, and nothing more than just ordinary follow up, and be active on your facebook account as well as the twitter handle, make comments, follow the trends regularly and also ensure that you respond to questions.

Hey, don’t ever try to engage in anything that is not clearly understood, there are sufficient opportunities that can engage your attention, but you can easily make money using facebook,twitter on any subject, all you will need is proper application.



Can you over emphasize the capacity of books reading? certainly not.
Mention any areas of human interest, and the best bet will certainly be to search in the books, because,  that is where not only the information is, but money is also hidden and waiting to be unlocked.
So, it would just be alright for you to take some moment of time and read about what others have written on the subject that you want to work on for guidance and answer.



As human being, our children are the most precious gifts we can get from God, and the heritage to treasure in this wonderful world – they tend to give us hope, pleasure and joy, that is, when they behaved and did exactly what we would want them to behave towards attainment of a particular status in life, which will also give us reasons to become proud parents, and of course, the assurance and confidence that after all, our precious time, and sweats have not been a useless and wasted activity

As much as they are gifts from God, it is expected that as the custodian of that peculiar and all important gift, we have to seek necessary knowledge – have the ability to be firm, understand and provide guidance on how, and what they do, and taking proper care of them every time, so that we can carefully lead them on ways/paths to avoid disappointment in the future, which if done any how, may ultimately bring down our expectations to nothing.

Whatever plans we put them through today will eventually determine what we will get tomorrow. It is therefore important that we get the best knowledge and desire a good destination of where we want our children to be, we will need capacity and resources to be used to pilot them from slipping into avoidable and unnecessary slavery, so that they will not become problems to themselves other fellows. The necessity to hold their hands and practice should start from now, and you can not afford to wait, because that may be too costly and dangerous for us, the children and the society. It is better to start imparting knowledge about integrity, truth, hard work, contentment, love, justice and peace, and all other things as values and customs that can support our goal for them, and necessary endowments that will put the life of these children on a driving seat to enhance their capabilities for achieving their God giving potentials and fulfillment.

The children will want to fly as high as their ability and the environment permit, and, being the parent, we must be prepared to guide them and also assist them not to go stray, and that is why we are having them under our care, we must not be an ignorant person, because there is no way a blind man can lead another blind man from falling into a ditch.To lead the children properly, will actually requires that we put in meticulous and conscious efforts that are engineered, and focusing diligently to shape a life, and we must nurtures them to grow and be be able to stand, and succeed in any areas of human endeavors such that they will be more better than what we are having now, and which we ourselves can attain, this is not going to be just business as usual or just anything goes, remember the saying, that, as you lay your bed, so you will sleep on it.


We just need to create that mindset of love to be able to see opportunities that abound in agreeing to agree to have development,so that peace can reign in our environment.

Why do people rage and follow different paths? Simple study will conclude that there is no love for one another,love covered multitude of errors,mistakes and guilt, but when this is missing, we will have the problem of individuals working to undermine one and another.

Today,everywhere all over the world we see sudden and untimely deaths of innocent souls because somebody is showing deep hatred for another fellow human being,and exhibiting God, when in the real sense of human nature, we are all the same – carrying blood, water,bones and what have you in our system,why then would any mortal consider others as inferior to be only good for the dustbin?

When you show me some form of love in your heart, then we will definitely reason together,sit together,take decision together, and all of us will be happy,trust ourselves,make progress because there is peace, otherwise, chaos will envelope everywhere.

It is only our unity that will provoke peace, and peace will provoke what can bring about an understanding needed for development and progress.

Why do you allow Conflicts?

When two or more people converge in a place for sometimes, whether they have a plan/purpose to do so or not, there is tendency for divergent opinions which may arise due to differences in their background, environment, religion and such things.

Thanks be to God that we are not living in  a world without history,to every situation, there is a precedence and pattern to follow,but people will just chose to do anything that give them pleasure not with any concern for others’ feelings.

Where as, their lies the beginning of deep resentment to exhibition of selfishness that may grow to serious conflicts.This is even an opportunity to demonstrate what we can do with all knowledge that God has endowed man, to practice what we have read and known in human history – the pattern is already in place but do we care to choose, and apply what is applicable to that prevalent situation/s before they get out of hand?

I see conflict as part of what man has to grapple with in the world – be it in the home front,or at any other place, so, let us learn from history, and we will discover that it is still possible to handle conflicts of any nature, manage it, and allow peace and development that we all need today.


Hi, it’s all about ideas in different spheres of life.
Ideas will become great when it succeed
Set back may occur along the way, but that is not sufficient to stop you from moving to new Height…Olusegun Adeniranolu 030


Wishing all friends and admirers happy valentine day.




Do you ever bothered to sit down, then try to think on how far you can go on an effort that is being made at pushing an Idea that is almost becoming stale?

Its just good to open your eyes to your environment, and you will discover how great it is, if the Idea is practiced.

There is joy and fulfillment when that little Idea just spring up and bring about an added value to what is already known..


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